Thursday, May 19, 2016


¨If you stay on this rez, they´re gonin to kill you. Im going to kill you. We are all going to kill you. You cant fight us forever.¨ This quote startled Arnold, but in the wrong way. Mr. P told Arnold this statement not in a literal way. I believe that he isn´t actually going to kill him, but more as he is trying to say kill your culture and kill your dreams. If he stays on the rez then the white teachers and white influencers will try to get rid of the Indian culture. Very few people on the rez have hopes and dreams anymore, knowing that they will probably grow up to be like every other adult, an alcoholic. Arnold´s friend, Rowdy, has already given up on life. His parents beat him, and with all his lost of hope he beats other kids. Mr. P apologized when Arnold threw the book at him because he knew that it was the white people who did this to him, who made him throw it. By him throwing the book showed that Arnold had some hope, and had some fight still in him. Mr. P explains that Arnold has been fighting all his life and if he doesnt get off the rez, he will eventually lose the fight just like the rest of the Indians.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Prison vs LOTF

In both the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Lord of the Flies, civilized people are put into uncivilized situations and the outcome was not the best. People in both examples were taking advantage of power and acting inhumane. In the prison experiment, the guards went overboard and ended up hurting the prisoners. This experiment needed to be stopped when it did, if not sooner. The college kids in the test were not experienced guards or actual criminals, but when put in the situation the guards took it too far and ended up traumatizing the inmates as well as physically and mentally damaging them. In the book, The Lord of the Flies, a group of young boys, oldest being only 12, were stranded on an island with no adults for a long time. The boys decided leadership, like the guards of the prison. The chief, Ralph and the wannabe chief, Jack, get into rivals and in the end they lose, or kill 2 boys. These young British boys were most likely properly mannered, but when put in the situation, evil triumphs humanity, when they viciously kill mother pigs, and murder one of their own. When put in bad or uncivilized situations, peoples evil takes over.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Figurative Language Assignment

Figurative Language Assignment 
Emily Fish

1) " The maze of darkness sorted into near and far, and at the high point of the sky the cloudlets were warmed with color." (Golding 99)

2)  a. Golding is comparing the woods to a dark maze. He is trying to show that at night when walking through the woods, it can be compared and be simalar to as if you were walking through a dark maze. This could be showing or foreshadowing that there might be some trouble with the woods acting like a maze, or that the boys get themselves into a problem that is like being in a maze.
     b. The boys are scared at this point because they saw "the beast". Golding describing the scenery, shows how the forest is at night, as well as comparing it to a maze, This might be impling that they are so scared that they are getting lost and paranoid. 

3)  I choose this picture because when I read the quote from Golding, I imagined a warmish orangeish setting or "cast" over dark shadows of the trees. Although the quote mentioned a maze, I thought this picture still represented the forest and darkness aspect of it, while still leaving some "mystery" from the darkness of the trees on the edge which could possible show the maze part.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Emily Fish

          In the show Secret Life of an American Teenager, the character Tom, portrayed by Luke Zimmerman, has the disability of Down Syndrome. Zimmerman has down syndrome out side of the show, in real life and faces challenges everyday. Down Syndrome causes the individual to be very unique and to think in a different way. In the show, Tom is the adoptive brother of one of the main characters. Although it is obvious that he has Down Syndrome, he is very funny and smart. He gets a job as a vice president of a small company after trying to be a mailman of a bigger company that would not allow him to work there. Many people with disablities have problems getting work, nevermind being the vice president of a company. After his dad dies, he tries to step up to be the man in the house and has to take care of his mother and his younger sister. After always being watched and being cared for, he wants to be  more independent so he moves out to a guest house the family has and gets a girlfriend. His first girlfriend did not work out well but he continued to work and live on his own. He is a very social person and has many friends, though he never went to school. Tom is not allowed to drive because of his condition, but does attempt it once. In the show he is faced with only some of the challenges he has to deal with everyday in real life. The show, showed Zimmerman and his disability as a positive thing and they hardly even mentioned the words, Down Syndrome. Everyone on the show was nice to him and treated him just like any other human. In the article that we read, it says that the stereotypical Luke Zimmerman has also appeared in one episode of Glee, he played Romeo in the play of Romeo and Juliet, as well as preformed in the television movie drama, Daughter of the Streets. Zimmerman is a pretty successful actor in my opinion and I think that even with his illness he was able to create and do amazing things.