Friday, January 29, 2016

Emily Fish

          In the show Secret Life of an American Teenager, the character Tom, portrayed by Luke Zimmerman, has the disability of Down Syndrome. Zimmerman has down syndrome out side of the show, in real life and faces challenges everyday. Down Syndrome causes the individual to be very unique and to think in a different way. In the show, Tom is the adoptive brother of one of the main characters. Although it is obvious that he has Down Syndrome, he is very funny and smart. He gets a job as a vice president of a small company after trying to be a mailman of a bigger company that would not allow him to work there. Many people with disablities have problems getting work, nevermind being the vice president of a company. After his dad dies, he tries to step up to be the man in the house and has to take care of his mother and his younger sister. After always being watched and being cared for, he wants to be  more independent so he moves out to a guest house the family has and gets a girlfriend. His first girlfriend did not work out well but he continued to work and live on his own. He is a very social person and has many friends, though he never went to school. Tom is not allowed to drive because of his condition, but does attempt it once. In the show he is faced with only some of the challenges he has to deal with everyday in real life. The show, showed Zimmerman and his disability as a positive thing and they hardly even mentioned the words, Down Syndrome. Everyone on the show was nice to him and treated him just like any other human. In the article that we read, it says that the stereotypical Luke Zimmerman has also appeared in one episode of Glee, he played Romeo in the play of Romeo and Juliet, as well as preformed in the television movie drama, Daughter of the Streets. Zimmerman is a pretty successful actor in my opinion and I think that even with his illness he was able to create and do amazing things.