Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Figurative Language Assignment

Figurative Language Assignment 
Emily Fish

1) " The maze of darkness sorted into near and far, and at the high point of the sky the cloudlets were warmed with color." (Golding 99)

2)  a. Golding is comparing the woods to a dark maze. He is trying to show that at night when walking through the woods, it can be compared and be simalar to as if you were walking through a dark maze. This could be showing or foreshadowing that there might be some trouble with the woods acting like a maze, or that the boys get themselves into a problem that is like being in a maze.
     b. The boys are scared at this point because they saw "the beast". Golding describing the scenery, shows how the forest is at night, as well as comparing it to a maze, This might be impling that they are so scared that they are getting lost and paranoid. 

3)  I choose this picture because when I read the quote from Golding, I imagined a warmish orangeish setting or "cast" over dark shadows of the trees. Although the quote mentioned a maze, I thought this picture still represented the forest and darkness aspect of it, while still leaving some "mystery" from the darkness of the trees on the edge which could possible show the maze part.

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