Thursday, May 19, 2016


¨If you stay on this rez, they´re gonin to kill you. Im going to kill you. We are all going to kill you. You cant fight us forever.¨ This quote startled Arnold, but in the wrong way. Mr. P told Arnold this statement not in a literal way. I believe that he isn´t actually going to kill him, but more as he is trying to say kill your culture and kill your dreams. If he stays on the rez then the white teachers and white influencers will try to get rid of the Indian culture. Very few people on the rez have hopes and dreams anymore, knowing that they will probably grow up to be like every other adult, an alcoholic. Arnold´s friend, Rowdy, has already given up on life. His parents beat him, and with all his lost of hope he beats other kids. Mr. P apologized when Arnold threw the book at him because he knew that it was the white people who did this to him, who made him throw it. By him throwing the book showed that Arnold had some hope, and had some fight still in him. Mr. P explains that Arnold has been fighting all his life and if he doesnt get off the rez, he will eventually lose the fight just like the rest of the Indians.

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